Village Handyman

The Parish Council has a vacancy for the post of Handyman, the prime responsibility for which is the weekly inspection of the play area to ensure that everything is safe and in good working order. Other light duties include tidying up the recreation field (as and when the situation demands), tending to the plants and bushes on the perimeter of the field and other small tasks elsewhere in the parish that may arise from time to time. This post, as an employee of the Council, is for one hour a week and will be subject to the usual benefits of employment. The current rate of pay is £8.24 an hour, paid in arrears on production of a periodical time sheet. Extra hours of work will be paid at the same rate. Whilst no experience is necessary, informal training will be provided where required. In the first instance, all enquiries should be addressed to the Clerk of the Council, contact details for whom are found elsewhere on this page.

By Alyson Videlo on January 11th, 2016

Categories: parish council

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