Village Verges Project

The Waldringfield Wildlife Group are responsible for the fantastic display of flowers that have appeared in the verges this spring. They planted around 5000 bulbs or plantlets over the last couple of years and the project is now showing the benefits of all their hard work.

Here are some pictures of the team responsible and some of the displays that have resulted.

Pictures courtesy of Angela Mace and Christine Fisher.

  • working party

    working party
  • planting snowdrops

    planting snowdrops
  • planting snowdrops

    planting snowdrops
  • snowdrops

  • crocuses

  • More cowslips and primroses

    More cowslips and primroses
  • cowslips

  • daffodils

  • early daffodils

    early daffodils
  • School Road

    School Road
  • Sullivan Place

    Sullivan Place